Barrie Area News Digest

Good day loyal readers.

Today’s post is a digest edition of local news stories cherry picked by your faithful office assistant at Phillip Moore Real Estate here. I’ll pass on what I found interesting in local events while doing research for the firm.

Here is an article describing upcoming improvements to Highway 11 North. They plan to make the road 3 lanes, with the middle switching direction for passing every 2-5km. Simple, innovative and more cost effective than building out 4 lanes. Seems like an easy move but there are few of these in North America. The project is entering the design phase, we’ll have to see if it’s a success moving forward. Where else would this type of road design benefit our province, or local area?

Here is an article about some concerning police conduct in Rama. Please read the article and draw your own conclusions, the topic is sensitive and injecting personal opinions here is pointless. Important local news to be reviewed by locals.

Last are a couple letters to the editor of Barrie Today that are worth a chuckle. The first is in favour of allowing businesses to admit shirtless and shoeless patrons on medical, religious or personal grounds. The follow up letter, in response, says that’s gross.

And finally here’s a picture of our little mascot Teddy looking handsome as usual. Have a great week everyone.