The Repurposed Church

Dear readers,

You may not know your trusty office admin (me, Tom) here at Phillip Moore Real Estate is new to the region. I have recently relocated from Vancouver and am struck by the beautiful old buildings that simply do not exist out west. There are a variety of factors: The region was developed much more recently, earthquake risk makes brick buildings less practical, and there are no bricks out there.

Many readers may take this for granted, but this author cannot help but notice the countryside awash in beautiful heritage buildings. Not the least of these buildings are the hundreds of historic churches, a prime example of purpose built real estate. In recent decades, perhaps as congregations dwindle or are consolidated, we see several of these buildings converted to a variety of other purposes. This is the topic of our blog post today.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the repurposed church at Essa and Mapleview in Barrie, now housing Pushing Inc. Tattoos, Piercings and Fireworks. While researching this post I came across an interesting article about this property from just last year, which makes no mention of its current occupancy but does a splendid job of outlining the history of this building.

Another example of a church repurposed into a business would be The Church, in Palgrave. This church, built in 1865, currently houses a pub and is one of many in the region.

We are all well aware that a proper location and building is critical to the success of our businesses. Being creative and flexible in the types of buildings and properties we inhabit and repurpose is a quality that can be valued and nurtured. If we are able to repurpose old buildings we can bring prosperity to the region while preserving its architectural heritage and history.

Obviously a church is but one example of a property that can be repurposed. In future posts we hope to explore other properties that may be more difficult to repurpose and some creative examples of that being done.

Phillip Moore Team