New Signage

If you’re from Barrie, then you know the Five Points signage wall.  To some, it looks like an eyesore but to others, it’s part of downtown.  I personally like having something to look at while stuck at the Five Points lights which are normally longer than others due to the flow of traffic and the long pedestrian crossing time out.

For those of you who have lived in Barrie for 25 years or less, you might not know it but where the North Country patio currently sits, used to stand the Sam the Record Man building.  It burnt to the ground when I was attending Eastview Secondary School circa 1994.  I remember that day clearly as Barrie was much smaller than, and a building on fire downtown was big news.  But what really saddened me was that all the water used to put out the fire found its way into the Happy Man Arcade (located where the North Country indoor restaurant is now) and destroyed almost all of my beloved arcade/videogame machines.  Before home systems like the PS1 and superior graphic cards for PC’s that could rival that of arcades, my friends and I spent many days pumping our allowances and/or paper route money, in the form of quarters, into those machines, to our parent’s dismay.  I’m not sure if the Happy Man ever reopened after that faithful day or remained closed forever (does anyone else remember?).  In any case, if you couldn’t tell, I was and still am a gamer and I have fond memories of the Happy Man.

Whatever your preference is for that corner, please have a lookup post April 1st as a new sign is coming.  I was able to secure a spot on the wall which will be the only ICI Real Estate advertisement.  While some of my Residential colleagues have advertised on the wall for years, to the best of my knowledge, I believe I’ll be the first Industrial focused Realtor to be up there.  And while I normally don’t advertise as most of my clients come by way of referral or word of mouth, I think it’s good brand recognition!  Let me know what you think?


Phillip Moore