Goodbye 2021; Bring on 2022!!

Well, first and foremost this blog is a month overdue.  I think that’s indicative of how crazy the market has been since the moment we stepped back into the office the first week of January.  Well…. most of us anyway.  Although I had plans to be back in the office Tuesday, January 4th like the rest of us, I caught COVID while vacationing in Florida and got stuck there for an extra two weeks.  Not the worst place to be stuck especially during winter but honestly, I did want to get back home as I had forecasted 2022 to be another record-setting year.  So much so that I hired an assistant to help keep me on track. I’m pleased to welcome Skylar Fank to my team.


All things considered, most importantly this blog is a month past due. I believe that is demonstrative of how insane the market has been since the second we ventured once again into the workplace the main seven-day stretch of January. Well… . a large portion of us in any case. Despite the fact that I had plans to be back in the workplace Tuesday, January fourth like most of us, I got Coronavirus while traveling in Florida and stalled out there for an additional fourteen days. Not the most terrible spot to be stuck particularly during winter however truly, I needed to get back home as I had estimated 2022 to be another unrivaled year. To such an extent that I recruited a collaborator to assist with keeping me on target. I’m satisfied to invite Skylar Fank to my group.


Now I think it’s safe to say that everyone is excited to say goodbye to 2021 and look forward to 2022 which will hopefully bring about the Endemic. While 2021 was another year full of COVID-related turmoil the markets continue to soar in almost every sector. It was a near-record year for myself in Commercial and Industrial real estate and I was only working in it for approx. 8 months.


I officially resigned from my position at PBM Realty Holdings Inc. in April, after 14 years of service, and began working full-time as an ICI Realtor.  And while it was a bit daunting at first, I already had 10+ years’ experience under my belt including several years at Cushman & Wakefield (one of the largest Commercial Brokerage in the world) where I gained the experience and confidence to play amongst the best in the biz. And after working so long as a property manager, asset manager, and project manager I realized I am now able to bring a depth of knowledge to my profession that others cannot. I can see a deal from both the Seller’s and Buyer’s perspectives. I can rhyme off potential improvement costs with ease and if I don’t know the answer, I have a strong established network of trades I can refer to. I’ve developed market surveys that are easy for my clients to read rather than getting those annoying MLS-generated listings that often do not match a client’s preferences. My website is fully functional, I have a new outstanding CRM, I have streamlined my operating procedures, and my ability to turn around an Opinion of Value, Market Comparable, Market Trend Advice and High-Quality Offers is now rather effortless.


In case you didn’t notice I’m pretty excited about what 2022 has in store. I’m operating under the brand Phillip Moore Commercial Real Estate, Sales Representative, Sutton Group Incentive Realty Inc, Brokerage, Barrie.  Please check out my website at for more information.